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Haiti Kanaval vs. Manifestation : Many worry Street protests will Hurt Carnival Season...

Haiti: Kanaval vs Manifestation Will Haiti Manifestation organizers interfere with Kanaval in Haiti this year??? There is a BIG worry within Haitian society regarding street protests (Manifestation, Greve) being launched during the Haiti Carnival season... Will the protest organizers give the people a break to enjoy Kanaval??? more »

Haiti Media Crisis - Journalists Receive CASH Gifts from the National Palace, Radio Kiskeya not Happy

PHOTO: Haitian Money - Haitian Currency - One Gourde Haiti Radio Kiskeya blows the whistle on what they call "Acts of Corruption from the National Palace." Various Journalists were invited into the National Palace on 23 December 2014 and received envelopes with a CASH prize inside in the amount of 40,000 and 50,000 gourdes... Liliane Pierre-Paul is pissed, Lucien Jura explains... more »

Haiti Needs a Constructive Opposition, EU Chief Federica Mogherini says

Federica Mogherini - European Union "Haiti needs steady and effective government and constructive opposition, rising above partisan differences, to steer the nation towards sustainable development." these are the word of Federica Mogherini, High Representative and Vice President of the European Union... more »

Haiti - Uruguay MINUSTAH Troops to Drop to 250 soldiers by end of 2015

MINUSTAH - Hasta La Vistah The MINUSTAH soldiers in Haiti are about to see a drop in number... Uruguay parliament has recently decided to cut the 605 soldiers, part of the United Nation Stabilization Mission (MINUSTAH), by 60 percent reducing it down to 250 by 31 December 2015... more »

Haiti Electoral Council (CEP) submit Resignation to President Martelly Friday...

Haiti Elections - CEP, KEP, CTCEP, Tout C P The Haiti Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) jointly submitted their resignation Friday 19 December 2014 in order to help solve the political crisis in the country... more »

PHOTO: Haiti - US Military Plane spotted in Port-au-Prince Airport, 12 dec 2014, on the eve of a Presidential address

PHOTO: Haiti - US Military Plane spotted in Port-au-Prince Airport, 12 dec 2014 Haitians on Facebook are already asking what does this mean??? A U.S. Military airplane is spotted at Port-au-Prince international Airport Friday, 12 Dec 2014, the day that Haitian President Michel Martelly is scheduled to make a very importan address to the nation about the current political crisis and possibly address the fate of his prime minister Laurent Lamothe. So What is a military plane doing at the Airport? more »

Mia Love, the Obama of the Republican Party?

PHOTO: Mia Love - First Haitian-American in Congress Can yon believe this? Mia Love, the Haitian-American who became the first black, Republican woman elected to Congress, is already being compared to Obama... Could Mia Love become the Obama of the Republican Party? more »

VIDEO: Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, a Celebrity on TMZ

Laurent Lamothe TMZ Exclusive about Girlfriend Petra Nemcova Watch the video... Hollywood Celebrity gossip web site TMZ caught up with Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe in Washington DC and they questioned him about his HOT Supermodel girlfriend Petra Nemcova... Watch and Listen to his response... more »

Don Kato (Brothers Posse) at NY Labor Day Festival 2014 - LIVE on a Float...

PHOTO: Haiti Don Kato sou Ticket Magazine, li pwal nan Labor Day Festival Haitian singer Don Kato of Brothers Posse will be performing live on a CHAR (float) in the streets of Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn New York this Labor Day, 01 September 2014... This news has been resonating on Haitian radio the past few days... more »

Haiti Elections - CEP, KEP, CTCEP - "P" a vle di "Plume ne Grouille"

Haiti Elections - CEP, KEP, CTCEP, Tout C P Mezanmi.... Depi lontan gen yon problem "P" nan peyi d'Haiti... CEP, KEP, CETEP, se "P" a ki pwoblèm lan... Sanble "P" a vle di "Plume ne Grouille" oswa "Pwenn fè pa..." Li pa posib! more »