Haitian Radio - Topic Du Jour: The Dominican Anti-Haitian Agenda

Haiti Neg Mawon Dominican Flag On Fire
All over haitian talk radio today there seems to be one major topic being discussed: The decision of the Dominican Republic to strip nearly 3 generations of Dominicans of full Haitian decent off their citizenship.

I tuned in to quite a few radio shows, in Haiti and in the Diaspora, and that was the topic being discused mainly today.

There were many interventions and many suggestions being debated.

Some suggested that the Haitian government take action but what actions can really be taken?

For the Haitian government to take action, former senator Joseph Lambert says, is to admit that these people are Haitians when in fact they are Dominicans.

Another caller says the only way for Haiti to react with impact is to fix itself, the state, the country and the economy. The Dominican Republic has a stronger economy, the caller says, and a stronger army (we dont even have one). Whatever decision they make, Haiti is not in a position to retaliate.

Another caller says the Dominican Republic's decision is a pure form of ethnic cleansing and it should not be overlooked. They are violating international human rights treaties, the caller says.

Whatever the case may be, I know that Haiti has allies. We call them the "international community" but for the sake of these poor Dominicans of Haitian decent, let us call them "alies" and let us hope they do the right thing.

We are weak and tired, we have been stripped of everything, we cannot fight this alone. If you were trying to prove a point, you did, I am sorry... Now help...

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