Haitian Christian, Do you have a Problem with Other Religions, Vodou Specifically?

True or False? A Haitian Christian will walk into a Chinese restaurant and order chicken wings with pork fried rice even though there is a statue of BUDDHA on the counter with a bowl of rice in front of it, lighting lamps, burning incense, and other offerings in front of BUDDHA... BUT... Should a Haitian restaurant owner dares to add any picture in his/her restaurant that resembles vodou, even as a decor, chances are, that customer may not order, or worse, he/she may never return.

Is it me of do Haitian Christians have a problem with freedom/choice of religion? They have no issues with BUDDHA, but VODOU??? Oh Noooo, Hell Noooo...

Se vodou a ki satan-an menm!!!

More Haitians are riffraff of boogaa boogaa vodou than foreigners. Why is that?

Yesterday, I published an article titled Vodou Is BANNED In Haiti and, looking at the comments posted, I immediately noticed two sides of the argument:

1) There are those who immediately raised of question Freedom of religion. And then...

2) There were many Haitian Christians who started screaming "Alleluia," seeing it as some sort of blessing should the Haitian state decide do deny the majority Haitians their right to practice their ancestral religion.

Why are people so afraid of Vodou?

No hearsay, no gossip, I would love to know the real, real, real, real reason behind it.

Reply with your comments but... be logical, be realistic, don't give me the doomsday reason.

Can't wait to read your comment

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Josy says...

The Dali Lama is a peaceful teacher, and buddhist monk. He is not a violent man, and is trying hard to reach enlightment.

You cannot reach it by being violent, and evil. He is all about love, and compassion.

China has a one child policy, and are ripping babies from their mothers' wombs at eight months.

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Billy Jukes says...

The Dali Lama is a very oppressive leader.

People who have not followed his rules got their hands or foot chopped off and even killed.Plus he`s a puppet of the United snakes used to maintain control of Tibet which used to be apart of China and the Chinese want Tibet back.Some people use Voodoo for good and some use it for evil.The people that use it for good deal with good spirits and the people that use it for evil deal with evil spirits and those evil spirits are not loyal and often give problems to those who deal with them.

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Victoria Yeghoyan says...

Good question on a hot topic...First of all, there are many, many Christians who will not have anything to do where there are Buddhas involved, or anything Islamic, and are still suspicious of Jews. This is particularly true in the south where I live, where my own church is a pariah because we are open to other faiths and a lot of social change issues.

Second of all, most people with strong ideas, do not like to consider that other positions are OK/good, because that throws into question the possibility that their positions might be wrong.

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Marygharlynn says...

Mes amis lecteurs, voici ce qui suit:Anpil blan ge vet, desan-n lakay pou yal achte gwo terin pou bati chato.

voila ke apre yo fin-n investi gwo kob sa yo, gen ladan yo ki kontre ak zo grangran-n yo yo pa ka bati an konprenan ke se zanset nou you ki lakoz, bon sa-w tande ya, yo komanse pa fe teknik pou yo we si yo va fe gwo ponyet nou yo kraze afe vodou nan peyi nou, san yo pa bliye ke vodou lakay nou se sa nou pa we ya. (Kite

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Truthseeker says...

I am not a Haitian but have served on a short term missions trip to Haiti and am returning this year. According to the one God, any religion that doesn't contain the good news that Jesus, God's son, gave his life for sinful humanity to save them from their sin, to make them righteous and to bring them into the kingdom of God, is a false religion.

Any other movement outside of Christianity is one that is promoted by Satan.

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Jean Cochon says...

I consider vodoo like any order religion.

A hongan ( vodoo priest ) like any minister of religion priest or pastor.

After all any profession is about making money no. This not true, and I can stand behind that 100%.

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Joseph Vallon says...

My self, I belong to church of God that Christ died for. Religion is man made it bring terrible sins, there is no deference voodoo and witchcraft, mason,catholicism ect...

If these Religions are ban world wide, the worlds would be in a beder

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Herman says...

First: was it not the voodoo religious bond that gave dignity, identity, courage and confort to the abused man, women and children under French slavery rule and their "antisupertitious" campaigns?

Second: Had

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Bernadette says...

In theory, freedom of religious beliefs is a given.

Most people are free to chose any religion they want to follow.

The problem is, religion is like your race: You can't change it. You are who you are genetically and spiritually, like your genetic pool, can't be changed.

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Mrc says...

Guys!mwen pran tout tan mwen poum li tout

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