In theory, freedom of religious beliefs is a given. Most...

Bernadette - July 12 2012, 1:23 AM

In theory, freedom of religious beliefs is a given.

Most people are free to chose any religion they want to follow.

The problem is, religion is like your race: You can't change it. You are who you are genetically and spiritually, like your genetic pool, can't be changed.

To deny vaudoism is to deny "Haitianism", the fundamentals of who we are as a people.

Some of us confused Black Magic with vaudou and this is basically part of the problem.

The second issue is that we wittingly or unwittingly associate vaudou with class hierarchy...If anything we should organize vaudou with its own churches in every community in Haiti and Haitian communities abroad.

Write our own Bible in accordance with vaudou principles; Then, truly from then we can talk seriously about self-love and self-acceptance.

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