The Dali Lama is a very oppressive leader. People who have not...

Billy Jukes - July 14 2012, 3:25 PM

The Dali Lama is a very oppressive leader.

People who have not followed his rules got their hands or foot chopped off and even killed.Plus he`s a puppet of the United snakes used to maintain control of Tibet which used to be apart of China and the Chinese want Tibet back.Some people use Voodoo for good and some use it for evil.The people that use it for good deal with good spirits and the people that use it for evil deal with evil spirits and those evil spirits are not loyal and often give problems to those who deal with them.

Christianity was used to not only to enslave and oppress black folks but it was used to enslave and oppress other groups.The reason whites introduced a white Jesus and Christianity to black folks was because they wanted to mentally enslave blacks to make them Docile.

In Detroit and in many other black communities black folks have been praying to a white Jesus for decades and yet their communities get worse and worse.The religion was given to us to make us Docile and to pacify us.

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