Good question on a hot topic...First of all, there are many...

Victoria Yeghoyan - July 13 2012, 11:00 AM

Good question on a hot topic...First of all, there are many, many Christians who will not have anything to do where there are Buddhas involved, or anything Islamic, and are still suspicious of Jews. This is particularly true in the south where I live, where my own church is a pariah because we are open to other faiths and a lot of social change issues.

Second of all, most people with strong ideas, do not like to consider that other positions are OK/good, because that throws into question the possibility that their positions might be wrong.

I think that is why Haitian Christians, traditionally conservative, are against Vodou.

Third of all, particularly relevant to the issue of Vodou being banned (again) in Haiti, is that elite Haitians (and especially the president of the country!) are afraid that Vodou is an embarassment to the country--too "primitive" and giving to much consideration, not to mention comfort, to the poor (and the elite Haitians do not like to remember that the poor are equally Haitians as well).

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