I am not a Haitian but have served on a short term missions...

Truthseeker - July 12 2012, 5:01 PM

I am not a Haitian but have served on a short term missions trip to Haiti and am returning this year. According to the one God, any religion that doesn't contain the good news that Jesus, God's son, gave his life for sinful humanity to save them from their sin, to make them righteous and to bring them into the kingdom of God, is a false religion.

Any other movement outside of Christianity is one that is promoted by Satan.

The result to his followers, whether by choice (Satanism) or by ignorance, is hopelessness and eternal misery in Hades, then hell if they do not receive Jesus as Lord & Savior.

A Christian realizes that people have freedom to choose whatever religion they desire, but they should also have a desire and work towards seeing non-Christians in their sphere of influence saved.

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