Haiti Money Transfers - Western Union takes two dollars ($2.00) Instead of 1.50 dollars required by the government

POLL Question: Ask the people in Haiti you send money to how many times Western Union takes $2.00 out of the money you send instead of $1.50 required by the Government when the fee is collected from Haiti... Are Western Union agents pocketing the extra 50 cents per transfer?

All the Money Transfer Options to Haiti: Western Union, CAM Transfer, and Unitransfer and more...
All the Money Transfer Options to Haiti: Western Union, CAM Transfer, and Unitransfer and more...

I am not kidding...

Every time I send my cousin to collect money that I send to him via Western Union, If I send $100, they give him $98, if I send $300, they give him $2.98...

But guess what... If I send $301.50, they give him $300...

I guess the thinking behind this is that they do not have the 50 cent change... If that's true, then why not pay it in Haitian Gourdes?

If they are keeping the extra 50 cents nationwide, every day, which is basically 33% of the money the government is collecting, can you imagine how much money this adds up to?

You know that the funniest thing is?

The receipt says $398.50, meaning that's what they paid to my cousin when in reality they only paid him $398 dollars... Imagine if one Western Union agent pockets 50 cents on 1,000 money transfers... Somebody just made $500 dollars U.S.

QUESTION: Am I loosing 50 cents U.S. to Western Union in Haiti or are you experiencing the same thing?

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Ewald Faugue says...

These fees charged in conjunction for every transfer to Ayiti needs to be eliminated.

Those fees per tranfer supposed to be collected in most part for the benefice of school Teachers, help needy students, repair broken down schools and to equip those schools with latest technology.


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Anon says...

Due to a Haiti Central Bank Processing Fee, $1.50 USD will be deducted from the principal amount of all Money Transfers received in Haiti sent from

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Jennifer Aidoo says...

Can someone sent you money through western union from

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Ghislaine Decayette says...

They're all "fucking" thieves! They'll have to answer to 'karma', tôt ou tard! And then you'll hear them lamenting " OBon Dieu, mwen la konin sam fe map péyé!" I have also many times wondered about this $1.50, and them never having change to give back. They never have 50 cents to give back. This is an issue for me, because I send a lot of WU transfers to Haiti quiet often, and it sickens

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Paul Bance says...

This 50cents surplus is to give a 25cents raise to all Western Union employees by April 2016, the other 25cents is to put a new Money transfers office in every town of Haiti by next year 2017, so the Haitian people do not have to go to Port au Prince for money transfer.

Every town will have their own money transfer office in Haiti.

he 50 cents surplus is to create jobs in every town. Western Union will be in all towns in every department in Haiti.

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Jugicel says...

Hello Western Union I'm junior GSMunlockUsa I have an account I need to make a charging Western Union how you can help me do

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Daniel says...

If you keep loosen 50cents all the time do you a much money that turn to

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Gerard says...

Last year we heard the same story.

Then it died out to resurface again this year.
This is kind of

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Taylor Laguerre says...

Beware, you are now being ask to pay the $1.50 upfront before you make your transfer and without your

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Patrick Princivil says...

They charged $1.50 in Belladere in December 2013, I don't know for now.

Belladere is before Laschaobas-Croiffè.

The government of Haiti have to proof where they allow them to charge whatever they have to charge, I don't care about what they charge, everybody have to go on the Haitian's website and find all the information we need. I don't have any desire to pay the Haitian's government the tax extra tax to the thieves, Martelly and Lamorthe should know that but if they keep breaking your arms let me know that. Everything should clarified on the

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