How badly is Chikungunya spreading in Haiti?

QUESTION: Are all your family and friends in Haiti OK or is someone you know infected with this crazy Chikungunya virus? --- "Chikungunya" seems to be becoming a word too common in Haiti these days. Virtually everyone I speak to has a story to tell me about it... In the news I heard a Senator of the Republic was sick with Chikungunya, I know a Candidate for Depute who is presently in bed, infected... There was even a joke about it in parliament that the Haitian Prime Minister was sick with Chikungunya and could not show up for something...

Feeling Sick

I don't know the exact figures being given about how many people are infected with this Chikungunya virus but it is alarming...

About a week ago, they were talking about some 1,529 cases of the chikungunya virus that have been confirmed, but honestly, I think it's a hell of a lot more than that...

On Radio Vision 2000, someone said last week there probably this many cased in Leogane Haiti alone... That was last week...

True story...

Last night, I called a good friend of mine to tell him I am coming to see him, he replied:

"N-ap kontan wè-w, men gen maladi wi... M kouche ak Chikungunya depi Dimanch..."

Translation: we will be happy to see you but be warned, we are sick... I've been in bed with Chikungunya since Sunday...

Ki koze sa mezanmi?

What is your story? Are all your family and friends in Haiti OK or is someone you know infected with this crazy Chikungunya virus?

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Patrick Princivil says...

Mézanmi mwen profité voyé yon kout chapeau pou chak mou-n en Haïti et a tout diaspora yo ki partout nan monde lan. Imajiné nou si prézans Bondyé pat en Haïti ki sak ta rivé?

Pa jan-m bliyé sa, a chak fwa Bondyé délégué sèvitè li pou averti nou nou redi kou nou, sa vlé di nou fè sourd orey lap man-yin membre nou. Date Prezidan yo ap fè tintin nan payi d'Haiti, chien mouri nan la rue, mou'n mouri nan la rue, etc. nèg pat kon ramassé yo, fatra poupou trou régo pa gin couvèti, si yon mou'n ta tombé nan trou régo sa yo, mou'n sa-a mèt di sé fini pou li. Imajiné nou moustik ak mouche fi'n dansé nan charonge sa yo et pi ya'l mòdé yon mou'n ou byen ya'l pozé nan mangé mou'n ap van'n nan la rue yo?

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Marie says...

Mon Diue
Moin pral Haiti summer
Ki bagay sa moin tande

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