Haiti Tap-taps are Creating a Word Cup Soccer Buzz...

Haiti Soccer News... With only a few weeks left before the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the brightly painted Haitian minibuses known as tap-taps are subject of International soccer news... Portraits of Haiti's favorite 2014 world cup soccer players are being painted on the sides and back of the tap-taps in Haiti...

The Associated press reports...

"Several Haitian artists have spent hours in a Port-au-Prince bus garage decorating the vehicles with the faces of well-known players such as Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona, who will play for his native Argentina in the World Cup, and Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo, who will play for Portugal."

Soccer is Haiti's favorite sport... When ever there is a soccer game on television, the streets of Haiti are empty and people pile up anywhere there is a television set...

So who is the most popular World Cup soccer player among Haitian soccer fans?

All I can tell you is... Lionel Messi seems to be the most popular among the fresh paintings on these Haitian tap taps... Maybe that's a sign

If you want to read the article, do a quick Google search for "Soccer stars decorate Haiti's minibuses"

What do you think about this?

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Joelle says...

I came from the south part of Haiti.

When I am traveling from Port-au-Prince to Port-à-Piment, all day long I see children, young men playing soccer.

It is the country's passion.

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Gaspard Pascal Ductan says...

I am not surprised this is what we do as a nation.

Haitians are the biggest soccer fans on earth...

75% of the nation is fans of Brazil...

Haiti is the best place to be just to watch a soccer game...

You won't regret it. it's not only the taps-taps, we paint our t-shirt, we are decorating our streets

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