They charged $1.50 in Belladere in December 2013, I don't know...

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They charged $1.50 in Belladere in December 2013, I don't know for now.

Belladere is before Laschaobas-Croiffè.

The government of Haiti have to proof where they allow them to charge whatever they have to charge, I don't care about what they charge, everybody have to go on the Haitian's website and find all the information we need. I don't have any desire to pay the Haitian's government the tax extra tax to the thieves, Martelly and Lamorthe should know that but if they keep breaking your arms let me know that. Everything should clarified on the internet.

Patrick Princivil, May 26 2014, 4:37 PM

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Topic: Haiti Money Transfers - Western Union takes two dollars ($2.00) Instead of 1.50 dollars required by the government

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In 2011, I traveled to Haiti for my grand mother funeral. My friends send me money and when I when to pick it up they told me they don't have 50... read more >
Rose Simeon, 26-May-14 1:37 pm
Nou konnen en Haiti to bagay se business. Men travail nan gouvman se pa yon job, se business ak pouvwa. Tout moun fe sa yo vle, Jan yo vle, le yo vle. read more >
Gabriel, 26-May-14 1:38 pm
They charged $1.50 in Belladere in December 2013, I don't know for now. Belladere is before Laschaobas-Croiffe. The government of Haiti have to... read more >
Patrick Princivil, 26-May-14 4:37 pm
Beware, you are now being ask to pay the $1.50 upfront before you make your transfer and without your consent! read more >
Taylor Laguerre, 26-May-14 5:53 pm
Last year we heard the same story. Then it died out to resurface again this year. This is kind of weird... read more >
Gerard, 26-May-14 7:04 pm
If you keep loosen 50cents all the time do you a much money that turn to to???? read more >
Daniel, 27-May-14 3:23 pm
Hello Western Union I'm junior GSMunlockUsa I have an account I need to make a charging Western Union how you can help me do it read more >
Jugicel, 25-Feb-16 10:59 am
This 50cents surplus is to give a 25cents raise to all Western Union employees by April 2016, the other 25cents is to put a new Money transfers... read more >
Paul Bance, 25-Feb-16 6:35 pm
They're all "fucking" thieves! They'll have to answer to 'karma', tot ou tard! And then you'll hear them lamenting " OBon Dieu, mwen la konin sam fe... read more >
Ghislaine Decayette, 7-Dec-16 7:12 pm
Can someone sent you money through western union from Haiti?? read more >
Jennifer Aidoo, 30-Dec-16 7:19 pm
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