Haiti - Doctors at Hospital General Leave a Journalist to Die because they're on Stike

PHOTO: Haiti - Jefferson Michel Casseus
The Haitian media is pissed off after one of their own was left to die on the floor at Hospital General... Doctors were on strike and they wouldn't touch him...

KREYOL: Haiti - TOUT Jounalis Fache... Doktè Lopital General kite yon Jounalis MOURI atè a paske yo nan Grève... 2 heures de temps, misye rete ate lopital la, yo ma mande l kisa l pot pou vann jouk li mouri... Kisa ou panse de sa???

Jefferson Michel Casseus, a journalist for Haiti's National Television station TNH, was rushed to Hospital General in Port-au-Prince after he suffered severe trauma from a traffic accident.

Tamara Orion, a journalist for Radio Signal FM, was heated in her daily program Haiti Aujourd'hui.

How can these doctors let the journalist die when it is us they call when they are on strike and need the media to get their message across, Tamara wondered.

The doctor knew Jefferson was a journalist, she said, because there were other fellow journalist who accompanied him, including his information director.

"I would accept his death with an IV in his arms at least," Tamara said, "But for him to die on the floor after lying on the floor unattended for over two hours..."

What do you think about that?

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Victor Tamara I understand you have a lot of emotion going on, I feel very sad To see how people's life is meaningless. I would like to tell only that... see more
Reply · September 02 at 6:48 AM
Simpson Stfort Mesye dam fok nou gade ni aksyon an ni koz la. mwen dako ke dokte yo pat sipoze kite pesonn moun mouri pou mank de swen, a koz de seman e angajman... see more
Reply · September 02 at 5:17 AM
Darwin Je ne comprends pas pourquoi on insiste sur le fait que c'est un journaliste...Cela n'aurait pas dû arriver à qui que ce soit. Point... see more
Reply · September 02 at 1:53 AM
Wislet Andre Nou nan yn peyi malheureuzman sa poun defann yo nou pa janm fel e le plus souvan se dokte ki pote chaj la..m n panse si gen yn analiz nou ka fe ee... see more
Reply · September 01 at 10:55 PM
Fabiola We need a better country with more human beings. These doctors are heartless, cold blooded murderers and inhuman. Which I could revoke their licence... see more
Reply · September 01 at 10:21 PM
Moise Sou Facebook Mwen te konn blame yon bann moun lè yo kite ayiti yo toujou pè retounen ale fè yon ti rilaks mwen wè poukisa konnye a kòm... see more
Reply · September 01 at 8:57 PM
Dynord Sou Facebook elas peyi nou an rele Ayiti nou lage tankou pil kabrit nan savann nou gen otorite sou tet nou se le gen negosyasyon gwo lajan selman!
Reply · September 01 at 8:54 PM
Dynord Sou Facebook tout dokte sa yo merite anpil kout baton se sak fe le yo rive yon lot kote yo pa gade yo kom dokte tou
Reply · September 01 at 8:51 PM
Ana As a professional and a nurse educator, I strongly condemn the actions of these doctors. They violated the Hyppocrates oath, which is sacred. They... see more
Reply · September 01 at 7:02 PM
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