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Coincidences : Konpe Filo and Liliane Pierre-Paul born the same year, they died the same day

Legendary Haitian journalist Konpè Filo and Liliane Pierre-Paul in the studios of Radio Haiti-Inter in the 1980s In an uncanny coincidence, the Haitian media mourns the loss of two legendary figures who were born in the same year, 1953, but met their final moments on the same date, July 31st, albeit years apart. more »

Former Haiti Police Chief Michel-Ange Gedeon Honors the Legacy of Journalist Liliane Pierre-Paul

A Memorable Encounter: Michel-Ange Gedeon's Courteous Visit to Radio Kiskeya and Snapshot with Journalist Liliane Pierre-Paul In a poignant display of respect and admiration, former Haiti police chief, Michel-Ange Gedeon, paid his heartfelt tribute to the departed journalist, Liliane Pierre-Paul. more »

Farewell to a Journalism Icon: Remembering Liliane Pierre-Paul of Radio Kiskeya

Liliane Pierre Paul, Haitian Journalist On Monday 31 July, 2023, Radio Kiskeya announced the death of their famous journalist Liliane Pierre-Paul over the air. The Haitian media was mourning the death of one their best. more »

The Haitian media has turned our gang leaders into Superstars like Bonnie and Clyde

In Haiti there are so many Things that make you go Hmmm... The Haitian media will not suppress any information that are damaging to the image of the Republic of Haiti. more »

Flash : Haitian journalist Luko Desir shot in the head last night in Haiti

Breaking News -- We have just received a video showing Haitian journalist Luko Desir receiving urgent care at a hospital after he was shot in the head by on bandit in Haiti. more »

Legendary Haiti sports journalist Michel Giraud is dead

Michel Giraud - Journaliste Sportif Haitien Haiti sports fans and journalists are saddened by the death Michel Giraud, one of the oldness sports columnists in Haiti. more »

Rospide Petion, another Haitian journalist murdered in Port-au-Prince

Rospide Petion - Haitian Journalist Haitian journalist Rospide Petion, a presenter at Radio Sans Fin (RSF), was murdered in cold blood in Port-au-Prince Monday evening, 10 Jun 2019. more »

Bad news sell... Should a Haitian journalist have a soul?

TELEDJOL - The Grapevine Adding More Chaos To Haiti Right now, there is nothing but bad news coming out of Haiti. Death and gang warfare is what you hear about everyday when you open the radio. Should a Haitian journalist hold back or report all the bad news coming out of Haiti as it is happening? more »

Haitian Journalists attacked by protesters during anti-Jovenel Manifestation

PHOTO - Haiti - Le Media Haitien (The Haitian Media) Various Haitian journalists were attacked by street protestors during an opposition manifestation Tuesday, various radio stations reported in Capital Port-au-Prince. more »

Haiti - Journalist Phares Duverne is Dead

PHOTO: Haiti - Phares Duverne Bad news from the Haitian Diaspora: Journalist Phares Duverne is Dead... For all who knew him personally, Phares Duverne was a great man... He will be missed... more »