Do You Know HOW to PRAY and Get Results?

Haiti Levanjil - Praying - Lapriyè se kle
When I was a child growing up in Haiti, my mother taught me how to pray: "Di Bondye mèsi pou tout sa li fè pou ou ak tout sa l-ap kontinye fè pou ou." -- Thank the Lord for everything he has done for you and everything he will continue to do for you -- When I grew older and searching for some motivation, I realized, that's NOT how you pray... I discovered there is a more efficient way to pray... It works for me, it may work for you...

This article by Woodring Saint Preux is also available in Haitian Creole / Li atik saa an Creole Haitien

While listening to a motivational tape by Tony Robbins, I heard something that I was not expecting from a non christian motivational tape: How to pray and get results.

When you pray, Tony Robbins said, you cannot be vague in your prayer. You have to be specific.

Step #1 -- Don't thank the Lord for "all" he has done for you, enumerate them... Be grateful what the blessings that you already have: Thank you Lord for the wonderful companion you have given me, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be where I want to be in life. Thank you for my kids, thank you for the new job, thank you Lord for my car not breaking down on me this week, thank you for keeping me in good health over the years.

Thank you for this... Thank you for that... Be SPECIFIC... Count your blessings... You have plenty of good things happening in your life to be thankful for, list them in your prayers and say thank you.

Step #2 -- Ask for exactly what you want... Be Specific... Lord, my car is beginning to break down, I need a new Honda Accord, help me find the money to buy it. Lord, My son is not feeling very well and I am a little low on cash, heal him would you please. Lord, it is approaching that time for my kids to go to college, help me make more money so I can afford to send them to college so they can be ready for a great future. Lord, my boss is acting funny, talk to him Lord, I need this job.

ASK and you shall receives, BUT Be specific... Ask for what you want... Ask for exactly what you want... Do not leave it for the Lord to understand what you mean... Be specific...

Step #3 -- Pray for others... Once you are done being grateful for what you have, you are done asking for what you want, the next and final step is to pray for others... Lord, my neighbor Bob lost his job, help him find a new one so that he can care for his family. My cousin Joe is having problems with his wife, help them find a way to a good relationship...

If you are already praying in this manner, tell us... Does it work for you? Do you get results?

If you are willing to try this for the first time, come back and let us know how ot works for you...

What do you think about that?

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Patrick Princivil Koman nou yé? Mwen la pi rèd, maladi tantyon ak koléstéwol poko ka voyém alé au nom de Jézi. En vérité... see more
Reply · July 12 at 8:01 PM
Kerline I have to agree with Mr.Robbins this is how I pray and the blessing keeps coming.
Reply · July 12 at 7:25 PM
Garry Yes exactly this is the way I pray and it works every time.
Reply · July 12 at 7:05 PM
Yvette Duverge Awsome. Great lesson. A lot of testemonies are on the way. God bless all of you. Remember Haiti and the Dominican republic in your payer,Domy
Reply · July 12 at 12:31 PM

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