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Do You Know How to Pray To Get Results? Read this...

Do you know how to pray? Do you know how to pray to get results? Read this right now, it will change your life... more »

You're Gonna Make Mistakes in Life - Watch this motivational VIDEO

Food for Thought - As a Haitian Thinketh... Earlier today I was talking to my son and I told him you're gonna make mistakes in life and, for some strange reason, I stumbled onto a YouTube video on the front page where Warren Buffet said the exact same thing: "You're gonna make mistakes in life, there's no question about it. You don't wanna make them on the big decisions, who you marry and things like that..." more »

Haiti - The Key To Success: Education Vs Hard Work

Manual Labor in Haiti - Carrying rice bags for a living You know... Sometimes I sit back and think: Why is that that some of the richest people in Haiti are not highly educated. and why some of the most educated people in Haiti are broke everyday... I think I know why... Let me tell you a story... more »

Fe Djole (Bragging) Is OK If You Do It Right

Bragging - Fè Djòlè (Haitian Creole) The average Haitian person cannot stand a "Djolè" (A Bragger). I mean if you like to brag, they may NOT say anything in front of you, but wait until you leave... If only you left a tape recorder behind... more »