Cholera, the Disaster brought to Haiti by UN People

Most people... don't even know that United Nations troops brought cholera to Haiti in October of 2010...

Getting rid of Cholera would cost about $1 billion... Close to what UN has been spending in JUST ONE YEAR to keep MINUSTAH in Haiti... Peacekeeping troops with no legitimate mission...

If Haiti were any other country in this hemisphere, a human-created disaster of this proportion would be a big international scandal, and everyone would know about it. And the institution responsible for the inflicting this damage - in this case the U.N. - would be held accountable.

Read the full article here: The UN Caused Haiti's Cholera Epidemic; Now It Must End It

Interesting reading don't you think?

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Melchisedeck says...

So, Johnny, you might be right but tell me one good thing they have done in Haiti.

And what about Tia, any suggestion?

We are the one who need to raise our voice.

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Tia says...

I totally agreed with your statement that if it was another country, they would have taken measures against the UN...

But it's Haiti, podjab, the one with no

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Jhonny says...

Why are you guys promoting this kind of propaganda, seriously?

Do you actually think if they leave, Haiti will be better

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Subject: Cholera, the Disaster brought to Haiti by UN People edit

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