Born in The Bahamas, DEPORTED to Haiti - A True Story

Can you be DEPORTED to Haiti even if you were not born there? YES YOU CAN! --- The other day, a good of friend of mine told me a story about a young man, born in The Bahamas, who was deported to Haiti... Unbelievable? Believe it... He was scheduled for deportation from the United States, The Bahamas refused to receive him although he was born there, so they sent him to Haiti...

Haitian Deportation

When my friend told me the story, I couldn't believe it myself... But he is not the type of friend to make up a story, certainly NOT a story like that!

"I was with him," my friend said to me, "he is the one who told me himself."

So... WHY HAITI? Why did they deport him to Haiti?

Answer: The Daily Double!!! LOL...

His mother and father are Haitian, they live in the Bahamas where he was born...

So since the young man was being deported from the United States (for reasons that is obviously not my business) AND the country where he was born did not want to accept him, the next option is to ship his ass to the country where his parents are from.

Is that right? Is that just?
Is he Haitian? Is he Bahamian?

You tell me!

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Yes says...

It happens on a weekly, monthly, yearly basis coming from someone who has had uncles, cousins, aunts who were deported to Haiti and were born in the Bahamas.

It all about the "Benjamins" for some islands/countries;unfortunately, Haiti is one of them, and even when the immigration status gets situated it is still not an easy task to cross

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Anishka says...

The Laws of The Bahamas are such that depending upon your circumstances of birth within The Bahamas you are not an automatic citizen.

As a matter of fact...

He would be a Haitian as declared by The Haitian

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Fonz says...

Both parents are Haitian and living in the Bahamas illegally.

He is definitely a Haitian.

Haiti is his

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Jacque says...

If his parents were not in the Bahamas legally then he has the nationality of his parents, not the country of birth.

They could have had his birth registered in Haiti so that he could have had haitian travel

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Marie says...

A la de traka pou peuple Haitian.

Toute kote nou pase nan le monde se minm bagay ou tande.

Depi ou se kote matetnel ou fraternel ou soti, w-ap toujou gain problems sa yo

Yo te depote young fre-m haiti, koulye a li pi du pou li establish pou li retounin man etazuni.

SE pa blag, sa fet

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Sonia says...

It depend on each countries.

I work in Saudi Arabia.

If you're born here, and your parents are American, you're not Saudi.

Then your parent have to do paper work for you, to be American.

Each country have they own rules.

Be careful where you have your

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Nap Kite Sa says...

I think you have missed the tree for the forest.

A country has the right to set up their priorities depending of their fiscal budget.

In view of that, directly and or indirectly they have their rules and regulations that they have to follow in order to keep their country safe of civil war...

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Nap Kite Sa says...

Your congressman cannot and would not be able to help you because it is a matter of their CONSITUTION.

Laws and regulations what were written long before these immigration incidents happened.

Besides, I don't believe country hates Haiti, but if countries are in a bind to feed their constituent, they will do what they have to do to defend and protect them so that they can avoid situations that are going in Haiti right now....

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Bmac says...

Since all these countries are anti Haitians, I wonder how they would like if USA did same to people born of their heritage?

Maybe, I will start writing my

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Nap Kite Sa says...

Different countries have different rules.

Citizenship sometimes is from your parents, NOT place of birth.

America is one exception that if you are born there, you are a citizen.

Haiti's constitution said that if your father is not Haitian, then you are not Haitian whether or not you were born in

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