Haitian Deportation

Haitian Deportation

Look at this cartoon depicting the deportation of Haitians in a Haiti, a land with people still camps recovering from the earthquake, a country infested with an imported cholera outbreak, and where prisons are not in their best shapes...

By bennaccartoons

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As of Monday, some 3,500 people from Haiti and Zimbabwe who have been rejected as refugees lose all status in Canada... About 500 people marched Sunday afternoon in Montreal in support of people facing deportation to Haiti and Zimbabwe.

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Can you be DEPORTED to Haiti even if you were not born there? YES YOU CAN! --- The other day, a good of friend of mine told me a story about a young man, born in The Bahamas, who was deported to Haiti... Unbelievable? Believe it... He was scheduled for deportation from the United States, The Bahamas refused to receive him although he was born there, so they sent him to Haiti...

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Rosa Robbins says...

Hello, I am not an attorney, I am an American citizen who has had the honor of knowing several people who where members of the Haitian community.

They were nice, hard working people, friendly, kind and they were industrious.

One of them attended school with my daughter and son. He visited our home many times.

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Henryquez Benoit says...

Li le pou haitien komprann depi ce haitien ou we yo traitew different pa kite kay nou pou vinn pase Mize lot

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