Santo Domingo and Immigration

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I think you have missed the tree for the forest.

A country has the right to set up their priorities depending of their fiscal budget.

In view of that, directly and or indirectly they have their rules and regulations that they have to follow in order to keep their country safe of civil war...

We Haitians are so used of handouts and foreign aid, now we think it is normal.

WE HAVE to learn how to take care of ourselves independent of other countries is the name of the game. Other countries owe us NOTHING.

They are not EXCACTLY anti-Haitian, they just want to protect their own.

We have got to learn how a country function, its laws and regulations that have to be followed and not thrown away whenever we are dissatisfy with something or someone.

LAWS OF A COUNTRY MUST BE RESPECTED, including a presidential term. We voted for it, now let it run its course.

CIVIL DESOBEDIENCE is always a downturn of a country including Haiti.

Nap Kite Sa, October 26 2013, 9:43 PM

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Topic: Born in The Bahamas, DEPORTED to Haiti - A True Story

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It's a very true story. If this is the same person then I know him. He is my cousin. He was recently deported to Haiti but is not a resident. He has... read more >
Gina Mondi, 25-Oct-13 8:24 pm
This is very simple: Does the guy have a birth certificate stating he was born in the Bahamas? If so, then he is Bahamian; if not, then he is... read more >
Paul, 25-Oct-13 8:26 pm
They have a law like that in Bahamas, I do have someone that happen to him too. read more >
Meleck, 25-Oct-13 10:03 pm
Different countries have different rules. Citizenship sometimes is from your parents, NOT place of birth. America is one exception that if you are... read more >
Nap Kite Sa, 26-Oct-13 1:27 am
Since all these countries are anti Haitians, I wonder how they would like if USA did same to people born of their heritage????? Maybe, I will start... read more >
Bmac, 26-Oct-13 8:07 am
Your congressman cannot and would not be able to help you because it is a matter of their CONSITUTION. Laws and regulations what were written long... read more >
Nap Kite Sa, 26-Oct-13 9:26 pm
I think you have missed the tree for the forest. A country has the right to set up their priorities depending of their fiscal budget. In view of... read more >
Nap Kite Sa, 26-Oct-13 9:43 pm
It depend on each countries. I work in Saudi Arabia. If you're born here, and your parents are American, you're not Saudi. Then your parent have to... read more >
Sonia, 27-Oct-13 12:04 am
A la de traka pou peuple Haitian. Toute kote nou pase nan le monde se minm bagay ou tande. Depi ou se kote matetnel ou fraternel ou soti, w-ap... read more >
Marie, 30-Oct-13 5:29 pm
If his parents were not in the Bahamas legally then he has the nationality of his parents, not the country of birth. They could have had his birth... read more >
Jacque, 28-May-14 4:49 pm
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