Santo Domingo and Immigration

Nap Kite Sa - October 26 2013, 9:43 PM

I think you have missed the tree for the forest.

A country has the right to set up their priorities depending of their fiscal budget.

In view of that, directly and or indirectly they have their rules and regulations that they have to follow in order to keep their country safe of civil war...

We Haitians are so used of handouts and foreign aid, now we think it is normal.

WE HAVE to learn how to take care of ourselves independent of other countries is the name of the game. Other countries owe us NOTHING.

They are not EXCACTLY anti-Haitian, they just want to protect their own.

We have got to learn how a country function, its laws and regulations that have to be followed and not thrown away whenever we are dissatisfy with something or someone.

LAWS OF A COUNTRY MUST BE RESPECTED, including a presidential term. We voted for it, now let it run its course.

CIVIL DESOBEDIENCE is always a downturn of a country including Haiti.

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Since all these countries are anti Haitians, I wonder...

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