Bad news sell... Should a Haitian journalist have a soul?

Right now, there is nothing but bad news coming out of Haiti. Death and gang warfare is what you hear about everyday when you open the radio. Should a Haitian journalist hold back or report all the bad news coming out of Haiti as it is happening?

TELEDJOL - The Grapevine Adding More Chaos To Haiti

I am sure there are many good things happening in Haiti but, like I always say, good news does not sell newspapers!

Some Haitians tend to criticize these journalists because "they are making Haiti look bad" but is it the journalist's fault that bad things are happening in Haiti or is it something else?

Diaspora Haitians on the other hand, for the most part, expect bad news from Haiti. They feed off it and spread it like wild fire.

For the longest time I've tried to stay on the good side of news reporting as far as Haiti is concerned but I have to admit that sometimes I have nothing to report.

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Subject: Bad news sell... Should a Haitian journalist have a soul? edit

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