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Bad news sell... Should a Haitian journalist have a soul?

TELEDJOL - The Grapevine Adding More Chaos To Haiti Right now, there is nothing but bad news coming out of Haiti. Death and gang warfare is what you hear about everyday when you open the radio. Should a Haitian journalist hold back or report all the bad news coming out of Haiti as it is happening? more »

The Haitian Media: Opinion Journalism OR Objective News Reporting?

Breaking News From Haiti It is becoming more and more difficult to find objective (neutral, nonpartisan) news about Haiti in the Haitian media. The majority of news reports about coming from Haiti are opinion journalism. Many journalists in Haiti take sides, they only report the news that justifies their side of the story... more »

Haiti Newspaper Le Nouvelliste Turns 115 Years Old

Le Nouvelliste - Daily Newspaper in Haiti Did you know this? Haiti's newspaper Le Nouvelliste is celebrating their 115 year anniversary today, May 2 2013. more »