TELEDJOL - The Grapevine Adding More Chaos To Haiti

TELEDJOL - The Grapevine Adding More Chaos To Haiti

The March 2012 Haiti scare was another example of how Haiti's national grapevine, the "teledjol" -- Creole for "telemouth" -- can quickly add yet more chaos to this already messy country.

One senator warned of a panic. Another said things were going to be hot.

Neither gave any details, but that didn't matter:

Within minutes of their comments on the radio, hundreds of shops closed, schools canceled classes and seemingly everyone rushed home. (The Associated Press)

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Right now, there is nothing but bad news coming out of Haiti. Death and gang warfare is what you hear about everyday when you open the radio. Should a Haitian journalist hold back or report all the bad news coming out of Haiti as it is happening?

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Let me tell you something.... After so many years talking about Haiti, I hate to say that sometimes there is nothing to report. Nothing interesting anyway!!! Imagine my dilemma, I wake up every morning to scan news about Haiti to find interesting news to report to you. Lately, Haitian radio news seems more like an obituary, a comedy show and news about gang leaders vs. the police. What is there to report?

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A big chunk of the Haitian media is really enjoying seeing the opposition enraged in the streets asking president Jovenel Moise to step down. To hell with the country! It's all about the ratings (plis moun branche) and maybe more!!!

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Did you know about this? Haiti is ranked 47th, right below the United States, in a Press-Freedom Contest... Just so you know, Dominican Republic is 68th on the list...

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The Haitian media is preparing for WAR... It seems... There are a number of popular Haitian news and media organizations in Haiti that are exaggerating the news. They seem so negative these days. Some of them are so ANTI-Somebody that they broadcast ONE-Sided news.

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