22-year-old Haitian mother gives birth to quadruplets (4 babies) in Fonds-Parisien

Fonds-Parisien Haiti -- 22 year old Haitian woman Doresca Camicile gave birth to four babies (quadruplets) Thursday, August 9 2018, at Hospital Christ pour tous de Fond-Parisien.

PHOTO: Quadruplets born in Haiti
PHOTO: Quadruplets born in Haiti

According to news reports, the babies are alive and well though they were born prematurely, three boys and one girl.

The mother is seeking assistance from the government or anyone who can help. 22-year old Doresca Camicile is from a remote locality of Fonds-Verrettes, a Haitian commune along the Haitian-Dominican border.

PHOTO: 22-year-old Haitian mother Doresca Camicile gave birth to Quadruplets

Already the mother of one child, Doresca Camicile is a petit comercant, what Haitains call Ti Machann. With 4 new mouths to feed, it is not going to be easy for her. She will need all the help she can get.

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Usecommonsense says...

Simple! Stop having unprotected sex if you can't afford kids or don't want an STD. And if there is no protection you or the deadbeat dude can't buy, don't have sex at

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Peterson says...

Nan peyi serye yon moun ki fet 4 pitit yon sel kou son insolite leta tap ankadrel.

kòm ayiti son trou latrine si fanmi sa pa gen mwayen timoun yo pral pase mizer

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Elucienne says...

Mezanmi an nou edel priyer pou Bondye fraper pot coeur moun kap gaspiyer kob nan gouvernement vinn edel paske mwen we se yon gras Bondye fel pou gouvenemen pran kA sa en

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Maggie says...

Yo ta Dwe bay infomasyon pou moun ka rele si yo ta decided ede

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Yanick Florus says...

I know that President Jovenel will help. He is a compassionate

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Hugues says...

Any words about the father of these

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Ti Dou says...

Manman sa sove! Nan lavi di sa pou li fè yon rapò li fè 4 pitit?

Ou wè mwen di rapò paske an ayiti se bèt ki fè kantite pitit sa

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Woody says...

Fond-Parisien Haiti, yon manman 22 lane akouche li fè 4 pitit.

Yon malere podyab ki poko konnen kijan li pwal okipe yo plis premye pitit li deja genyen fè 5...

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Subject: 22-year-old Haitian mother gives birth to quadruplets (4 babies) in Fonds-Parisien edit

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