Haitian man offended by White Missionaries driving around in "Cage Trucks"

Haitian man offended by White Missionaries driving around in

Often times in Haiti you see foreign missionaries riding around in a cage truck... One Haitian many finds in offensive and complains on his Twitter page...

JeanJak D'Ayiti‏ @jeanjak tweets:

"Dear White Missionaries, driving around #Haiti in your cage trucks is offensive. Do you think you are on safari & we are animals to you?"

Hmmm... Interesting...

What do you think about that?

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Gadfly says...

Fuck you bitch, they ain't feeding shit. Because of people like that Haiti has become an international scheme rather than a sovereign country.

How bout you just put us out of your fucking consciousness, we'll be a lot better off. We don't need your psychotic mind sets and destabilizing policies implemented on us. The situation that their hiding in cages from was mainly caused by their own doing.

And please, I'm begging you, stop molesting our

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Asnath Colson says...

I don't like assumptions.

On what basis someone assumed that the original tweet came from someone in the Diaspora, living in US?

Why taking a jab. Every country has endemic

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Asnath Colson says...

With all the reports of armed robberies can you blame them to protect themselves whichever way they want to?

Come on. Stop biting the hands that are feeding you or your compatriots.

What have YOU done to alleviate the suffering in

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Asnath Colson says...

Come on now. Away with the patriotic pride.

Missionaries are the saviors of Haiti.

Haiti's good angels sent by God Himself.

Missionaries have the best interests of Haiti in mind. Way, way above its political and social and economical

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James says...

don't you have people in detroit or chicago to help. clean your neighborhood before trying to clean

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Lenz says...

First, thank the gentleman for making an observation.

Perhaps admit you didn't see it that way. Second, I call BS about being thrown out of the truck.

If that's the case, create makeshift seat belts if you need to. No matter how you cut it, it does not look good to be in a cage. Three, I say the real reason for the cage trucks are concerns for security because perhaps a truckload of foreigners has a higher risk comparatively with the local Haitian population of getting stuck up on the road. Whoever is in charge of cultural sensitivity training and logistics failed.

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Eunice Tassone says...

I am one of the missionaries that has a caged truck.

We bring mission teams to the mountains to work in our cooperative and since there are no roads we need the cage for safety purposes.

People can be thrown out of a truck on a mountain road if there is nothing to hang on to. Obviously some people living in the city have never been to their own mountain areas to see the dangers.

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Chris Buzcik says...

I think it's being smart, nobody in they're right mind would drive around Haiti in an open truck- they don't call this country Haiti whitie for

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Aj says...

kick them out of the country.

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Herman says...

This is a manifestation of pure white american racism.

Why does the Haïtian State allow such public insulting behaviour?

Herman (ion nèg

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