Education in Haiti

Education in Haiti

Though the Haitian Constitution requires that public education be offered free to all people, the Haitian government has been unable to fulfill this obligation.

Haiti's literacy rate of about 53% (55% for males and 51% for females) is below the 90% average literacy rate for Latin American and Caribbean countries.

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The Haitian government has made available more than 2.3 million school books are part of a book grants program to assist parents and students for the 2018-2019 school year.

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A friend of mine, a high-ranking official in the Haitian government once told me Haiti has a serious human resource problem. He explains...

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Can you believe this? At least 90 percent of Haiti's primary schools are non-public. in other words, only 10 percent of the primary schools in Haiti are public schools.

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Haiti is moving toward the establishment of a new school for death children... Education Minister Nesmy Manigat launched the first Symposium on deaf education in Haiti last week, Wednesday...

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Can you believe this? I just heard on Haitian radio that many Haitian merchants are upset because students were forced to wear uniforms to the Final Bacalaureat exams instead of dressing casual... Because of that many merchants did not make money selling clothes to these students... LOL...

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