Haiti has a serious human resource problem, a government official once told me

A friend of mine, a high-ranking official in the Haitian government once told me Haiti has a serious human resource problem. He explains...

Education in Haiti

When I asked him:

What do you mean?

They are a lot of people, a lot of professionals in Haiti, so what are you talking about?

He replied: "Yes, in Haiti there are many people who claim they can do a job but, in many cases, when you hire them, you realize they cannot even perform a simple task and it's embarrassing."

According to this former government official, incompetence is the norm in Haiti. It is very difficult to find talented people to fill the most critical positions

What do you think about that?

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Ernst Lindor says...

C est tellement simple a comprendre et c est aussi bien evident.

Tu n as qu a te referer aux resultats de Fin d'Etudes Secondaires Classiques pour se faire une idee de ce qui se fait a l'interieur de nos salles de classe.

En Haiti on construit beaucoup plus d eglises que d ecoles.

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Eunice Tassone says...

Our organization employs a number of Haitians and we find them very responsible, competent, trustworthy and capable of doing whatever their jobs. They take great pride in their capacity to fulfill job requirement.

Haitian people are very bright, learn quickly and are the most creative and resourceful people I have encountered.

They speak at least two languages, French and Kreyole and many speak Spanish and English even in the mountain villages.

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Paul says...

On the other hand, some young haitians geraduate from universities, and cannot find jobs in Haiti after their graduations.

That, to me, is a bigger

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Bwa Sanfey says...

Well, it's simple the government doesn't do anything to retain them in the contrary, it tries to get rid of

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