QUESTION: What kind of JOBS would you like to see created in Haiti?

Let me ask you a question: Every time you speak to a Haitian person what has to happen to make Haiti better, many of them will say "Job Creation." But what kind of jobs?

American Apparel Companies Interested in Investing in Haiti

What kind of jobs would you like to see created in Haiti?

Think about it for a minute.

There are millions of Haitians in Haiti who are only qualified for manual labor. They are not qualified to do anything more than lift something form one place, carry it and put it somewhere else.

I'm not kidding...

Next, there are those who finish school (les philosophes) but they have NO skills. They can't even hit a freaking nail with a hammer.

Yes, it is so easy to say "Job Creation"

What we need to start talking about is: What kind of jobs?

I want to hear your opinion on this... What do you think?

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Jacques S Isaac says...

All kind of jobs, mostly in the Agri- business & Minerals sectors, light manufacture sector, service industries and Government sector.

In order for the above mentioned to be accomplished?

Haiti's parliament needs to work together with the Haitian Diaspora by reversing certain rules that are preventing

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Paul says...

Job creation would in fact bring a change for the better to Haiti.

I agree with you about the lack of skills, but can still use manual labor in different ways.
Haiti needs infrastructure.

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Tontonbob says...

I want to see the schools actually start teaching useful shit and then we need anpil teknologi

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Subject: QUESTION: What kind of JOBS would you like to see created in Haiti? edit

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