Build a wall to Separate Haiti and Dominican Republic

Build a wall to Separate Haiti and Dominican Republic

Dominican lawmakers suggest building a wall to separate Haiti and the Dominican Republic after Haitian authorities attempt to control contraband on their side by building a path to customs.

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Luis Abinader, the president of the Dominican Republic, issued a warning to its citizens. Do not go to Haiti because of insecurities and kidnapping, he said.

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Imagine that... Due to the fact that Haiti's central government has completely ignored it's Haitian border cities and towns over the years. The Dominicans have been making their bread and butter selling goods and services to these desperate Haitians... Casing point: Perdanales, Dominican Republic vs Anse-à-Pitres, Haiti.

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A new law has been proposed in the Dominican Republic parliament to prevent Haitian illegal immigrants from renting houses.

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Cornillon Grand-Bois, ALERT: The Dominicans are trying to push the Haiti-Dominican border... The Dominican military wants to destroy fences along the Haiti-Dominican border belonging to Haitian farmers, according to the Group of Support to the Repatriated and Refugees (GARR)

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Read this... The Dominican Republic has the peculiarity of celebrating its independence not from a colonial power, but from Haiti BUT the Dominican Republic won their independence a second time and Haiti helped...

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Lucia says...

This isn't true. Remember that the Dominicans fight and a lot of people die for their independence against the Haitians, so If they want to prevent a new invasion, you all should shout your

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Selonel P Altidor says...

Mwen byen kontan paske Dominican yo panse, yo pli byen pase nou, nou alez nan peyi Ayiti si nou gen union lakay nou get manman Bann vole assassin Dominican yo mesi michel

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