My friend Woodring, you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Few people would...

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My friend Woodring, you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.

Few people would have ever thought of this, and even though I learned my Haitian geography in elementary for as it is known to be very mountainous land, I had never perceived it like this either (Truth is I do not know Dominican Republic, yet).

This has to be the main cause of the bad infrastructures in Haiti.

Anyway, I believe that you are definitely not the first one to have raised that concern but none of us can really do a thing unless Haitian governments acknowledge it and try ways to overcome those challenges by using state-of-the-art technologies (with international aids, of course) to drill into those mountains and make ways..

And you know what you came in my mind, when you asked who could have possibly been so dumb to let them to have the eastern part of the island, it was our ancestors.

Strategically, the western part appears to be more safer in case of attacks, but obviously they did not think that one day the fights would have stopped and they would have to think about building their country.

P.S: I'm not sure but I believe Haiti has more forts than Dominican Republic.

Think about!!!

Stanlifelover509, May 31 2012, 8:56 PM

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woodring moin konpran sa w vle di a.min komprann bien ke se pa monn yo ki ampeche peyi a devlope min se gouvenman yo.monn yo ka kraze avek materiel... read more >
Elizabeth, 31-May-12 8:45 pm
My friend Woodring, you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Few people would have ever thought of this, and even though I learned my Haitian geography in... read more >
Stanlifelover509, 31-May-12 8:56 pm
I understand what you mean but what is it that Haiti has that no other places have. What are the strength of Haiti? Is it true that we have an area... read more >
Angie Salomon Diaz-cervo, 31-May-12 8:59 pm
That choice was made long before by the french colonist i presume. Coffee and sugar cane was a big business in the colony and you can only grow... read more >
Stephan Saoud, 31-May-12 9:47 pm
You know, I thought I was the only one to notice. And I said the same thing, what where they thinking to let them have all the flat lands? read more >
Marie, 31-May-12 10:00 pm
Very good observation comrade. More adversities gave us a lot to be proud of. The first black nation free from the grips of the colons of that era... read more >
Jacques Alerte, 31-May-12 10:31 pm
I though always,why our leaders cross tunnels through these mountains.They little mind,it's a country.they could invest the money country in the... read more >
Joseph Vallon, 31-May-12 11:49 pm
I'm currently resides in Italy.Just this past weekend my Cousins and I, we were remembering our childhood in Haiti. While visiting with me we went... read more >
Cj, 1-Jun-12 8:02 am
Greetings Mr Woodring and staff. Its irionnic that I just recently visited the Dominican Republic for the first time. I flew over the mountains to... read more >
Jboogy, 1-Jun-12 8:37 am
Si morne nan dapre wou ou panse kel pa bon oubyen inferieur se fo ok ti pap paske plantasyon an se te la nan st doming li te toujou ye granmet yo ak... read more >
Fredereic Theogene, 1-Jun-12 8:59 am
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