Greetings Mr Woodring and staff. Its irionnic that I just...

Jboogy - June 1 2012, 8:37 AM

Greetings Mr Woodring and staff.

Its irionnic that I just recently visited the Dominican Republic for the first time. I flew over the mountains to Saint Dominque from Port-au-Prince and my first reaction and thinking was the same "who decided on which side of the Island is ours. I saw flat land as soon as we crossed the lake Enriquillo all the way the capital.

Than I said uhmmm, agricutural land/plains overthere.

Easy travelling roads, better enlargement spacial land for community growth.

Haiti got the worse part of the land. All of our cities ar conered by mountains or sea water.

Our cities get flooded with rain and storms.

Our Cities can not expand.

Not much agricultural land for growht.

Haiti is imprisonned to one little side of the land. The worst side. Uhmmmm "Who the hell decided to put us there".



a concerned Haitian/American.

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