I'm currently resides in Italy.Just this past weekend my...

Cj - June 1 2012, 8:02 AM

I'm currently resides in Italy.Just this past weekend my Cousins and I, we were remembering our childhood in Haiti.

While visiting with me we went on a road trip from Rome to Venice, going thru Florence the main highway is the worst curvy and more tunnels I've ever encounter on one road because of the terrain.

I mentioned to them if Haiti (the Government) would invest in adding a few tunnels to the south and the north the roads would be much safer and easier to get around and down size of the cars (from U.S standard SUV to European such as Fiat) the people drives now it can be better.

I've been leaving overseas for a while (Europe) most of these countries are not much better than what we(Haitians) inherited is our history and good hospitality and we can capitalize on that and remain afloat.

Stop destroying our landmarks.

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