I read carefully the comments of people about this tragedy...

Nicolas Ronel - January 19 2012, 10:27 AM

I read carefully the comments of people about this tragedy.

Some go even beleive all that happen to us is because we don't let jesus rule over Haiti.

I wonder: how Jesus would rule over Haiti when he gave us like anyone sames capacities to rule for ourselves and our country.

I think.

we are not a Nation.

we suppose to be conscient about that when we remember all times we waisted since our independance talking and nonsense in all areas.

We must eargerly learn from our perpetual mistakes, just to give a new political, social,cultural and economic direction to my beloved country: Haiti.

It's not possible without a real and deep revolution in all haitian spheres.

I am so sad and sorry for what happened and I send all my sympathy to them and their family.

Haiti, for ever. Yes we Can but we don't yet want.

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