Tragic Accident, Delmas 33 Haiti, Tractor Trailer Smash Into TNH, Many Dead

BREAKING NEWS, Delmas 33 Haiti - A Tractor Trailer with no brakes going down Route de Delmas 33 in Port-au-rince Haiti has just ran into the corner of Delmas 33 taking with it cars, motorcycles, people, ti machanns, everything in it's path, and smashed them all through the walls of Haiti Television station (TNH) leaving a pile of dead bodies and metal in it's path, Monday, January 16 around 10:30pm.

According to news report live on the scenes, there is a traffic minibus under the truck, a smaller truck (CANTER), 8 to 15 motorcycles, and countless dead bodies.

The grounds of Television National d'Haiti is a bloody mess they say...

Keep in mind, we are talking about a BIG Mack truck, going down hill, WITH NO BRAKES, and smashing into one of the busiest intersections in Haiti.

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Maryse says...

to me the haitian goverment need to to have law to have them cars inspected like united states it's was waiting to happen if they don't do something now it's going to happen again please take actions now to prevent that from happening again please GOD

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Nicolas Ronel says...

Dear Mojorie
I am very glad to see a girl or woman like you, is thinking and encouraging us to be together.

but let me tell you, this putting together is not so easy in our country for many reasons.

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Marjorie Paul says...

You know what i believe Haitian don't have love for one anather instead of putting they head together to make a better tomorrow, they rather kill each other for material thing, for land, for business, for money.

I wanna know when we gonna wake up, and say we had enough.

Work with each other, love one another put our idea together, let's built HAITI

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Nicolas Ronel says...

I read carefully the comments of people about this tragedy.

Some go even beleive all that happen to us is because we don't let jesus rule over Haiti.

I wonder: how Jesus would rule over Haiti when he gave us like anyone sames capacities to rule for ourselves and our country.

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David Grant says...

I must thank Mireille S. for bringing to the fore that up to today in the year 2012, the government past and present to have not seing it fit to make it compulsory that every vehicle must be insured and every house must adhere to cetain building code.
However, I do not think that a driver who is driving an insured vehicle would be considerate to pedestrians or show responsibility and good sense as a driver.

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Mike.d says...

It's time for us to stop crying .I can see the change coming.let's learn from
our tragedies.let's us stop waisting our resources and energy by being crabs in a barril.but most

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M.desvarieux says...

the authaurities are to be blamed .they musttake actions separate pedestrians from traffic by clearing the side walk.they belong to the pedestrians.take a look at the Boulevard Lasaline and you can guess what is next in that type of tragedy .The market has taken over the Boulevard, half of the width is occupied by dirt or people "ti machan".where are they?

I mea
n the Maires .The police.

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Ilera Harold Fleurine says...


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Jacques L says...

This is a very sad situation.

Let us all pray for their families and for those that are still

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Mireille S says...

Every tragedy comes with a need. There is a need for automobile insurance in Haiti.

Once people have to pay insirance they will act more responsibly.

Not having brakes is irresponsible and negligent.

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Subject: Tragic Accident, Delmas 33 Haiti, Tractor Trailer Smash Into TNH, Many Dead edit

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