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Haiti Television - Why call it Television NATIONALE when it is NOT?

PHOTO: Old Television Set - Remember Public Televisions in Haiti? Haiti's government television (TNH) is anything but "National." It is more like Television Port-au-Prince since only Port-au-Prince and the surrounding areas can watch it. more »

Haitian-American Lionel Moise Joins CBS Chicago as New Morning News Anchor

PHOTO: Haitian-American News Anchor Lionel Moise Haiti Diaspora News -- Haitian-Americans in Chicago will soon wake up to watch one their own, Lionel Moise, as the new weekday morning news co-anchor at CBS Chicago WBBM-TV alongside Erin Kennedy... more »

Police Officer Tonton Bicha Give Princess Eud 4 Traffic Tickets

Tonton Bicha, Police Officer Have you seen this new Haitian police TV commercial with Tonton Bicha dress as a police officer and singer Princess Eud breaking all the rules? more »

Tragic Accident, Delmas 33 Haiti, Tractor Trailer Smash Into TNH, Many Dead

BREAKING NEWS, Delmas 33 Haiti - A Tractor Trailer with no brakes going down Route de Delmas 33 in Port-au-rince Haiti has just ran into the corner of Delmas 33 taking with it cars, motorcycles, people, ti machanns, everything in it's path, and smashed them all through the walls of Haiti Television station (TNH) leaving a pile of dead bodies and metal in it's path, Monday, January 16 around 10:30pm. more »

Haitian Journalist Arrested For Taking Pictures Of Oprah

Oprah Travel to Haiti Shocking News... A Haitian photographer was arrested by police in Haiti for taking pictures of Oprah Winfrey... Can you believe this? more »

VIDEO - Oprah Winfrey In Haiti, First Look...

Oprah Travel to Haiti Watch this video, a first look at Oprah Winfrey in Haiti. more »

Do you watch SURVIVOR on CBS? I have a surprise for you...

Woodring and Albert Destrade Are you a fan of Survivor: South Pacific on CBS? Guess what... Albert Destrade, one of the contestant in Survivor South Pacific, is actually my next door neighbor... I found out recently... more »

Oprah Winfrey Is Going To Haiti

Oprah Travel to Haiti 5... 6... Bon Jan Nouvel... Oprah Winfrey is going to Haiti... Here is what we know so far... more »

What If The Haitian Media Treated CRIME As Local News?

Haiti - Green Light FOOD FOR THOUGHT - An in-depth look at how a simple change in Haitian Media operations could change the outlook on Haiti from BAD to GOOD overnight... Read this... more »

Watch Haiti News on NBC Miami NonStop

Christalie Parisot On NBC Miami Non Stop YES YOU CAN... Watch Haitian News, Weekdays at 10 PM, on NBC Miami... more »