Dear Mojorie I am very glad to see a girl or woman like you...

Nicolas Ronel - January 23 2012, 6:57 PM

Dear Mojorie
I am very glad to see a girl or woman like you, is thinking and encouraging us to be together.

but let me tell you, this putting together is not so easy in our country for many reasons.

Sometimes it's just a matter of faith/ religion that I consider as a great factor of Division in our Country because our people are not enough educated to learn and practice the tolerance principle, other thing is politics.

The way politics is doing in Haiti is more than shamefull.

don't forget haitian people are very sentimental.

Alphabetism remains a great challenge, everything in haiti is a mystery.

with this kind of mentality or mind, development is not for tomorrow.

the biggest chanllenge is the international Comunity that decides for us in everything.

we are very far to be a Nation.

May God hepls us!

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