I must thank Mireille S. for bringing to the fore that up to...

David Grant - January 18 2012, 7:40 PM

I must thank Mireille S. for bringing to the fore that up to today in the year 2012, the government past and present to have not seing it fit to make it compulsory that every vehicle must be insured and every house must adhere to cetain building code.
However, I do not think that a driver who is driving an insured vehicle would be considerate to pedestrians or show responsibility and good sense as a driver.

If the truth must be told, a driver, knowing that is vehicle is insured, and in case of any accident, his insurance company will take care of the problem, will show little regard to the driving protocole.

To ensure that drivers adhere to the driving regulation, it up to the traffic department and the police to institute rigid laws to control them.
In some countries, drivers are charged for vehicular manslaughter if it is proven that there was negligence in the maintenance of tnosevehicles.

Ant the penalty for this is eight-year imprisonment.

It is hoped that this new government will take the bull by the horn and legislate traffic laws, which will minimize those reoccurrences.


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