Well the problem is not as simple as you make it and it is...

Rockmasters - October 11 2011, 8:53 PM

Well the problem is not as simple as you make it and it is twofold.

In the entertainment business there are Fake VIPs (Gratteurs) and there are legitimate VIPs. Example: Shoubou, Emeline Michel, Wyclef, Rodney Noel, Fito Farinen, Eddy Bazile and many more including Haitian club owners are legitimate VIPs. These are people who drive the business.

They are personalities in the business.

Many time the promoters go to events not to party, but to monitor the business, to promote a band, an artists, a party etc. That is part of our work I (RockMaster) do not pay to attend event and most of the time they just let me him. If people try to refer to me as VIP, I say NO, I am not a VIP. I work in the business and for the business.

I have paid my dues working many hours a day to help make make events more successful.

In the American industry, when known event promoter go to a place, they receive open arm welcome and red carpet treatment.

Because in these industries Entertainment personalities are a big family and it is always and honor for them to welcome a business comrade.

In fact it would an insult for a promoter if another known promoter was to pay to enter his clubs or event.

They are also non promoters or artists who earned the right to be VIPS. A person who consistently spends a lot of money, has large following and bring many people to club is a true VIP. That is how it is in the American and other industries.

True we have a lot of gratteurs and want-to-be VIPs in our community and they are a real problem.

In face that problem every time I put a party together.

I have to hide so friends dont see me. But I stay close enough so that when a real promoter shows, I give him the respect and tell the security to let him in.

What you got to understand is that I need him also when he is giving a party.

So What, he pays $25 to come to my party & I pay $25 to go to his party.

The money washes out. So developing a relationship among us and giving each other respect is more valuable in the long run.

The issue with fake promoters is real, but you cannot generalize it..

In any market, people in that are in the same business give the respect to others in the business.

Haitians have a problem with what is called team work. The issue of promoters vs promoters should not exist.

So your question should focus on fake promoters not those who are leaders in the business

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