Are you a Haitian Party Goer OR Event Promoter? A Question For you...

I have been hearing a major complaint from Haitian Party promoters and I want to share it with you and ALSO... Ask you a question...

Haitian VIP Pass

The complaint:

Believe it or not, Haitian party promoters in Haiti AND in the Diaspora are complaining about this...

There are many people, including Haitian artist (actors, musicians, etc...), Haitian media personnel (radio and television), and lots of self-proclaimed Haitian VIPs who refuse to PURCHASE a TICKET to attend a Haitian event (Movie premieres, Haitian Bals, Festivals, and other events).

These people believe that they are entitled to a FREE ticket and it is a BIG deal, even an insult, to ask them to BUY a ticket in order to attend a Haitian event.


That same person who will NOT purchase a $20.00 ticket will spend hundreds of dollars at the bar... "They will buy a $300 bottle of champagne BUT they will not pay to get in," one Haitian event promoter said while complaining on the Haitian radio airwaves.

The question?

Do you know anyone who does that?

Did you know that the event promote ONLY makes his money from the ticket sales and NOT at the bar?

If you really want to support your favorite band, your local event promoter, does it not make sense to BUY a ticket even if you are a super star of a VIP in the community?

Believe it or not...

When I want to go to a Haitian party, I go to to browse the Haitian events list. Although I own and give all Haitian event promoters the ability to post their Haitian events for FREE on the site, I always purchase a ticket unless my reason for being there is to cover the event as "the media".

I never identify myself as "Don't you know who I am?"

I would like to hear from you if you are a Haitian party promoter who is a victim of this problem, if you are a VIP who thinks you should NOT have to pay to attend a party, or if you are a Haitian party goer who knows "professional GRATTEURs" who will not pay to get in.

Please... No names... Only the story...

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Vladimir says...

Yes beceause Haitian Party it's my forcking Life Let's

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Wanley Florexile says...

the Movie Screening for Hope A Brooklyn Story...

Friday, Feb 7th at The Thomas Jefferson Club, 77 Conklin Ave Brooklyn NY 11236, for 6pm-10pm...

$10 at the door ...

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Calixte Guerrier Pastor says...

I am not a Haitian Party Goer, nor promoter, but my calling
is to help develop things into positive.

Even if i don't go
i will buy the ticket and offer it to someone as a gift.
Now that's my opinion.

May God continue to bless you over there
Respectfully, Rev. Calixte

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Rockmasters says...

Well the problem is not as simple as you make it and it is twofold.

In the entertainment business there are Fake VIPs (Gratteurs) and there are legitimate VIPs. Example: Shoubou, Emeline Michel, Wyclef, Rodney Noel, Fito Farinen, Eddy Bazile and many more including Haitian club owners are legitimate VIPs. These are people who drive the business.

They are personalities in the business.

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Wes Prod says...

That is nothing compere to what happenned to me in 2006 or 2007 at an event that was held at club Amazora in NY and I believe it was Djakout Mizik vs Carimi that was performing that night.

As i am entering the club with two other people that was with me and i heard someone calling me a well known figure in the Haitian community.

Wes, Wes, Wes can you get me in?

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Aly Jean-louis says...

It is true, though a very sad fact! Some Haitians will not support their own kind; yet, they expect others to support them.
I am not an event promoter, nor do I "crash parties", lol; however, every now and then, I may show up at a social event in support of my community.

I even pay tickets in support of an event I am unable to attend, if it serves the purpose of raising funds for a good cause.

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Ilera Harold Fleurine says...

So I'm not a surper star, but i always support most of the haitian activities around the contry movies, Mussic,store product, restaurants ETC I think it is a good thing to do, by supporting our people in the communauty and not only that to encourage other's friend to be participated with us in our haitians activities.

Watch haitian movie together by translating the action play mussic together and expain the mussic sound.

I would not be part of the of the haitian spectacles because of my believe but I do buy the

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