It is true, though a very sad fact! Some Haitians will not...

Aly Jean-louis - October 11 2011, 5:34 PM

It is true, though a very sad fact! Some Haitians will not support their own kind; yet, they expect others to support them.
I am not an event promoter, nor do I "crash parties", lol; however, every now and then, I may show up at a social event in support of my community.

I even pay tickets in support of an event I am unable to attend, if it serves the purpose of raising funds for a good cause.

I further contribute at time, by asking my daughter and my niece to perform for free at Haitian youth or community events.

They have a special talent as singers/compositors, and travel and perform as "SOULE", read, [Söléh].

I usually cover their travel expenses in those occasions - They sing and play the guitar & the piano, when they travel without their professional band, [I cannot afford to bring the latter out for free, lol].

In any case, it is crucial that our people be educated in several areas, mainly social attitude and behavior in a way that is conducive to the emancipation of a new breed of Haitian intellectuals, and professionals that can represent the Haitian culture in a more progressive and civilized manner
Thanks, Woodring, for bringing that up! I hope this can catch someone else attention, like it did mine!
Continue the good work!
God bless you!
God bless Haiti!

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