So I'm not a surper star, but i always support most of the...

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So I'm not a surper star, but i always support most of the haitian activities around the contry movies, Mussic,store product, restaurants ETC I think it is a good thing to do, by supporting our people in the communauty and not only that to encourage other's friend to be participated with us in our haitians activities.

Watch haitian movie together by translating the action play mussic together and expain the mussic sound.

I would not be part of the of the haitian spectacles because of my believe but I do buy the product.

Ilera Harold Fleurine, October 11 2011, 5:32 PM

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Topic: Are you a Haitian Party Goer OR Event Promoter? A Question For you...

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So I'm not a surper star,but i always support most of the haitian activities around the contry movies,Mussic,store product,restaurants ETC I think... read more >
Ilera Harold Fleurine, 11-Oct-11 5:32 pm
It is true,though a very sad fact! Some Haitians will not support their own kind; yet, they expect others to support them. I am not an event... read more >
Aly Jean-louis, 11-Oct-11 5:34 pm
That is nothing compere to what happenned to me in 2006 or 2007 at an event that was held at club Amazora in NY and I believe it was Djakout Mizik... read more >
Wes Prod, 11-Oct-11 8:39 pm
Well the problem is not as simple as you make it and it is twofold. In the entertainment business there are Fake VIPs (Gratteurs) and there are... read more >
Rockmasters, 11-Oct-11 8:53 pm
I am not a Haitian Party Goer, nor promoter, but my calling is to help develop things into positive. Even if i don't go i will buy the ticket and... read more >
Calixte Guerrier Pastor, 12-Oct-11 8:31 am
the Movie Screening for Hope A Brooklyn Story... Friday, Feb 7th at The Thomas Jefferson Club, 77 Conklin Ave Brooklyn NY 11236, for 6pm-10pm... $10... read more >
Wanley Florexile, 3-Feb-14 11:36 am
Yes beceause Haitian Party it's my forcking Life Let's GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! read more >
Vladimir, 9-Dec-14 12:16 pm


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