That is nothing compere to what happenned to me in 2006 or...

Wes Prod - October 11 2011, 8:39 PM

That is nothing compere to what happenned to me in 2006 or 2007 at an event that was held at club Amazora in NY and I believe it was Djakout Mizik vs Carimi that was performing that night.

As i am entering the club with two other people that was with me and i heard someone calling me a well known figure in the Haitian community.

Wes, Wes, Wes can you get me in?

I looked around and told him it is not my party and I don't have any access to do that. The man looked at me and said said yes you can you just don't want too. I kept on walking because I did not want to block the entrance.

When the man finally got in and we bumped up to each other on the dance; I said hey what's up man and extended my hand to shake his hand. He looked at me and said "Now you want to talk to me and earlierI asked you to get me in you did not want too and he just walked by passed me without taking my hand and never speak to me again untill now".

Mine you, I bought my tickets to get in and this is someone that I used to give free tickets to my events all the times.

so, this is where we are as Haitian and thank you for bringing this up.


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