When will Haitians realize that french is just a language like...

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When will Haitians realize that french is just a language like any other and stop making such a big deal out of it. In Haiti, a person's ability to speak french decides where they will live, their status in life, who they can/will marry, whether they will have enough to eat, their healthcare, whether they will live or die; and a host of other very important things that should not be related to one's ability to speak a language or not. If America required people to speak perfect english before they could "BE SOMEBODY" it would have missed out on some of the greatest innovations/innovators in the world.

The French are very anal about their language and they've taught us to be the same way which has destroyed us. French is a beautiful language, the most beautiful in the world right alongside Creole, I love french.

But in the end to me, its a method of communication, like English, German, Spanish, Patois, Ebonics.

I personally don't accept/believe in the concept of superior or inferior languages or dialects.

Watching Wyclef in this Vid was funny, it reminded me of myself, a kid who also came young to America and of my early attempts at French.

I am glad to say I speak a whole lot more and a whole lot better now, though I would not consider myself fluent.

However, I know that I am no less intelligent a person for not speaking french, and that's how I feel about Wyclef, he's a very intelligent Haitian-American man who's at the top of his game, and I am not going to try to take that away from him because of his inability to speak french.

Instead, I give him kudos for trying.

Wake up people, French people are not laughing/making fun of their kids because they can't speak Creole, so we should not make our youth feel inferior for not being able to speak their language.

Instead we should support them, and educate them in many languages, that could be of use/interest to them. It would have been nice if either the French or those in power in Haiti had taught the people economically viable languages to compliment our beautiful creole, but they didn't. That's an indictment of these governments not of the people.

Ayiti, August 16 2010, 11:44 PM

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I wish we spoke Spanish, and English. The French has done nothing for us, and have isolated us from our neighbors. The second generation of Italians... read more >
Josy, 14-Aug-10 10:39 pm
It is important that he is fluent in Creole, how in the world is he going 2 communicate with mass? Through translators? That's preposterous! In what... read more >
Kc013, 15-Aug-10 1:05 pm
dat president ap pale franse nan peyi dayiti kote sa mennenn nou,an nou sispann pran pa ak pov,ann pran chans ak yon milione. read more >
Suzie, 15-Aug-10 6:43 pm
Suzie mwen dako ak ou 100 pou 100. Tan'n Dat prezidan yo ap pale franse anyen serye yo pa jam'm vin regle, se pale franse pou fe we-w apre, pou yo... read more >
Beautiful Creole, 16-Aug-10 12:03 pm
You must be kidding me! Wyclef is doing it all to himself. Have not you seen his video in FRENCH? It speaks for itself, is not it? I think, there... read more >
Guy Comeau, 16-Aug-10 10:45 pm
When will Haitians realize that french is just a language like any other and stop making such a big deal out of it. In Haiti, a person's ability to... read more >
Ayiti, 16-Aug-10 11:44 pm
I will just post this article from Mr. Valentin ------------ LA CANDIDATURE DE WYCLEF JEAN : J read more >
Jean J. Lubin, 17-Aug-10 12:01 pm
Guy Comeau, Like I have stated before. I AM NOT A RELIGIOUS FAN of Wyclef. I AM A COMMITTED FAN of him, because he has shown the instincts and... read more >
Miggy, 17-Aug-10 12:40 pm
Ayiti, What a wonderful post of yours. Keep going on speaking your mind. I am interested on hearing more from your mind. read more >
Miggy, 17-Aug-10 12:52 pm
I do not mind if Wyclef hires translators; as long his intents are for the well being of the people. Not on robbing and suppress them. By the way, I... read more >
Miggy, 17-Aug-10 2:09 pm
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