The Haitian Constitution Says You Are NOT Haitian!

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Topic: The Haitian Constitution Says You Are NOT Haitian!

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This article was great woodring. Its just pure nonsense that we in the Diaspora who are killing ourselves to send aid and help to our country are... read more >
Topic, 16-Jun-04 10:29 am
What Simon said is true. Diasporas who lost their citizen ships of Haiti are only the Haitians Americans. That means you cannot vote, run for office... read more >
Topic, 16-Jun-04 7:11 pm
Like most of the Haitian constitution this article is written to fulfill certain group interest who were the so call ruler of the nation at the time... read more >
Topic, 8-Jul-04 12:12 pm
The constitutants of the Haitian constitution do not convince me that they were neither guided by an ethic professional nor qualified to assume this... read more >
Topic, 13-Aug-04 4:20 pm
According to the constitution we are not Haitians. In a way the constitution is right because without even thinking some of us turn our back on... read more >
Topic, 25-Aug-04 3:30 pm
If you felt so strongly about becoming president of Haiti or keeping your Haitian nationality why did you give it up so quickly? It is funny the way... read more >
Topic, 25-Aug-04 4:52 pm
I just want to tell you that I work for the U.S. government. My job required me to be a U.S. citizen in order to maintain it. Now do you try to tell... read more >
Topic, 27-Aug-04 4:30 pm
I am not going to disagree with your reasoning, but I will correct one part of your statement. To get the U.S. government to pay for your education... read more >
Topic, 31-Aug-04 5:43 pm
It is an undisputable fact that the haitian constitution needs to undergo some serious changes. Among them the dual citizenship problem. The haitian... read more >
Garry, 4-Aug-09 8:33 pm
Dear: Haiti Haiti cherie these socalled Haitian politician who live in Haiti this day an age can't help you get out of this situation that you in... read more >
Haitimoney, 27-Aug-10 9:25 pm


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