I will just post this article from Mr. Valentin LA CANDIDATURE...

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I will just post this article from Mr. Valentin


Jean J. Lubin, August 17 2010, 12:01 PM

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Topic: Video: Wyclef Jean Interview in French, En Francais, Oui, C'est Vrai!

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I wish we spoke Spanish, and English. The French has done nothing for us, and have isolated us from our neighbors. The second generation of Italians... read more >
Josy, 14-Aug-10 10:39 pm
It is important that he is fluent in Creole, how in the world is he going 2 communicate with mass? Through translators? That's preposterous! In what... read more >
Kc013, 15-Aug-10 1:05 pm
dat president ap pale franse nan peyi dayiti kote sa mennenn nou,an nou sispann pran pa ak pov,ann pran chans ak yon milione. read more >
Suzie, 15-Aug-10 6:43 pm
Suzie mwen dako ak ou 100 pou 100. Tan'n Dat prezidan yo ap pale franse anyen serye yo pa jam'm vin regle, se pale franse pou fe we-w apre, pou yo... read more >
Beautiful Creole, 16-Aug-10 12:03 pm
You must be kidding me! Wyclef is doing it all to himself. Have not you seen his video in FRENCH? It speaks for itself, is not it? I think, there... read more >
Guy Comeau, 16-Aug-10 10:45 pm
When will Haitians realize that french is just a language like any other and stop making such a big deal out of it. In Haiti, a person's ability to... read more >
Ayiti, 16-Aug-10 11:44 pm
I will just post this article from Mr. Valentin ------------ LA CANDIDATURE DE WYCLEF JEAN : J read more >
Jean J. Lubin, 17-Aug-10 12:01 pm
Guy Comeau, Like I have stated before. I AM NOT A RELIGIOUS FAN of Wyclef. I AM A COMMITTED FAN of him, because he has shown the instincts and... read more >
Miggy, 17-Aug-10 12:40 pm
Ayiti, What a wonderful post of yours. Keep going on speaking your mind. I am interested on hearing more from your mind. read more >
Miggy, 17-Aug-10 12:52 pm
I do not mind if Wyclef hires translators; as long his intents are for the well being of the people. Not on robbing and suppress them. By the way, I... read more >
Miggy, 17-Aug-10 2:09 pm
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