Video: Wyclef Jean Interview in French, En Francais, Oui, C'est Vrai!

Who said Wyclef Jean can't speak French? We have just just received a video of Wyclef Jean being interviewed in Paris France. En Francais... Ouiiii... C'est Vrai...

Watch this video... If you want to hear Wyclef Jean "Parler Francais..."

Wyclef's interview in French..... in France

(video not available)

Wyclef speaking French: "Moi je suis le seul raper ki jouer le guitar, le tanbour, le piano... 50 Cents, il PAS jouer le guitar..."

That's French if you ask me...

C'est le Francais... C'est Vrai... C'est Bon!

The person who sent me the video made the following comment:

"I love the guy for president already. He probably speaks Chinese too"

Thank you BrutusKat for the video.

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David Grant says...

I do have my reservations about Mr. Wyclef Jean; but nevertheless, my perception of the gentleman is quite different from yours.

As a matter of fact, I do believe he has genuine concern for the poor haitians;however, in spite of his determination to become president, he does not have the political savvy nor the political maturity to handle the situation in Haiti.

However, if he stays focus on th task ahead for the six years, while another government is at helm of the country, he may learn the intricacies of haitian politics, and be transformed into a formidable politician.

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Daniel Bougherra says...

Wyclef's crocodile tears do not move me any. He is trying to USE the youth to get fame. He knows the Youth is too naive and impressionable.

This is the reason Wyclef is using them to the maximum.

Wyclef could not care less about Haiti and its youth.

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David Grant says...

Je n'ai pas une

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Mackandal says...

David, il faut faire son autocritique avant d'attauer les autres.

vous etes en train de critiquer le francais de Wyclef alors que tu n'arrives meme pas a ecrire cette langue.

Tu as commis six (6) fautes grammaticales dans une phrase de 5 lignes sans pour autant souligner que tu ecris comme tu parles...Alors, mon cher, comme l'aurait dit l'americain, "Just shut

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Chris says...

That's not french.

People who take French in High School can speak better.

This guy is a

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Miggy says...

I do not mind if Wyclef hires translators; as long his intents are for the well being of the people.

Not on robbing and suppress them.
By the way, I can understand Wyclef really well.
Anybody who's complaining about not able to speak creole or French needs to post "what they could not understand from him.
It's important that we know

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Miggy says...


What a wonderful post of yours.

Keep going on speaking your mind. I am interested on hearing more from your

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Miggy says...

Guy Comeau,

Like I have stated before.


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Jean J. Lubin says...

I will just post this article from Mr. Valentin


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Ayiti says...

When will Haitians realize that french is just a language like any other and stop making such a big deal out of it. In Haiti, a person's ability to speak french decides where they will live, their status in life, who they can/will marry, whether they will have enough to eat, their healthcare, whether they will live or die; and a host of other very important things that should not be related to one's ability to speak a language or not. If America required people to speak perfect english before they could "BE SOMEBODY" it would have missed out on some of the greatest innovations/innovators in the world.

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