Haitian Women Are Being Raped, So What, It's NOT A Priority!

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Topic: Haitian Women Are Being Raped, So What, It's NOT A Priority!

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i can't beleave that she could say something like that, for me the haitian gorvernment lost control of everything, they don't have nothing as a... read more >
Mackson, 17-Mar-10 5:35 pm
Well, If she puts this grave situation at the bottom of the list. PEOPLE LISTEN UP....PEOPLE LISTEN UP.... this is the exact reason that I said... read more >
Miggy, 17-Mar-10 5:56 pm
Maybe no body close to her has been raped. so she will care when it will happen to her or to one of her GIRLFRIENDS. She is so stupid in her taughts... read more >
Rose Gabrielle, 17-Mar-10 6:43 pm
I feel bad for her read more >
Myrianne, 17-Mar-10 6:44 pm
First, isn't she the president of the women organisation? WOMEN and LITTLE GIRLS are being raped, and she have the nerve to say it's not priority... read more >
Soranne Major, 17-Mar-10 6:44 pm
Let me say something we don't need this kind minister for our government because she doesn't have any sense for the post.Rape someone is not a... read more >
Berthauny Bernard, 17-Mar-10 7:59 pm
Now you all want to agree with me that we have no one no governement to decide, help or speak for us, we are on our own with only a little help from... read more >
Thomas Valcin, 17-Mar-10 8:51 pm
This is no surprise for me. What best can we hear from these idiots, shame on all of them. My only hope is, there is a God in heaven, soon or later... read more >
Mireille, 17-Mar-10 10:37 pm
I don't think this lady have a mother or any kids matter fact i don't even think she's a human to sit there and say something like that we all need... read more >
Zaboute1, 18-Mar-10 12:18 am
You need to read the time's article online, and it was published this week. Two girls 8, and 2 years old were raped by growing men. The baby is... read more >
Josy, 18-Mar-10 1:16 am
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