Haiti's Debt, $1.2 Billion, Cancelled

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Topic: Haiti's Debt, $1.2 Billion, Cancelled

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The Haitian Government will save over $50 million a year for ten years because of this debt relief from the IMF read more >
Robert, 1-Jul-09 10:47 pm
This is truly great news,the time has arrived to take care of Haiti,feed the hungry, clothes & housing for the poor, teach the children how to have... read more >
Nilda Limontas-simeon, 2-Jul-09 12:48 am
It's all Gods work, It's Haiti's turn to receive his miracles now all we have to do is put our heads together love one another lookout for each... read more >
Manoucheca Marcelin, 2-Jul-09 7:31 am
what i dont get is, how is Haiti. end up owing 1.9billion dollars... where did all that monies went... that is what i will like to know... bcuz... read more >
Rza, 2-Jul-09 7:36 am
That is truly great news, I hope our government do the right thing and move forward on fixing " ti Haiti cherie" nou an. read more >
Mr. G, 2-Jul-09 7:55 am
This is really nice to hear about.A good step ahead for the country,but how the government will reach out out to people for their salvation? A lot... read more >
Louis R Hyacinthe, 2-Jul-09 8:26 am
Si yon lajan konsa te disponib pou pep lakay wi sa ta bel,Aristid te paret ak pwoje 21 bilion rene preval efase reve ya lajan ki pa janm rive nan... read more >
Solidarite Internationale, 2-Jul-09 8:27 am
Thank god for Haiti,Now I hope the president fix the country with that money not keeping it on his pocket,they should start picking up trash from... read more >
Johnson Charlotin, 2-Jul-09 8:34 am
Oui!!! Alleluia! let me say again & again Alleluia! Merci Jesus debt nou yo regle Like the song rightly said Jesus payie toute debt moyin What a big... read more >
Marie, 2-Jul-09 9:06 am
Voodoo Economic : Contradiction between Political freedom and Economic Dependence read more >
Alerte Belance, 2-Jul-09 9:07 am
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