Haiti's Debt, $1.2 Billion, Cancelled

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Topic: Haiti's Debt, $1.2 Billion, Cancelled

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Mwen swou read more >
Jn-francois, 2-Jul-09 9:33 am
Is this for real? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Thank God! Finally! read more >
Taty, 2-Jul-09 9:34 am
As an Haitian, i am really glad to read that.I hope we take that opportunity to start a new begenning. read more >
Kettia Jean Pierre, 2-Jul-09 9:38 am
It's about time! Now we can move forward without restraint. Thanks and praise to "THE ALMIGHTY GOD!!!" read more >
Patrick Sanon, 2-Jul-09 10:14 am
Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope we're going to a new direction!!! Thanks for sharing my brother!!! read more >
Jean-marie Germain, 2-Jul-09 10:19 am
I hope Haitian Goverment now will do good for the people and Haiti. No excuse now. Alleluya praise the Lord. read more >
Franck Larece, 2-Jul-09 10:32 am
kisa sa vle di det yo peye deja read more >
Delrose, 2-Jul-09 11:19 am
That's great news to hear,very refreshing.Now let's face it a minute when we get a new loan again what are we going to do with it? What are we going... read more >
Max Mills, 2-Jul-09 4:29 pm
That's a really good news. I hope it's not "a this for that." Next thing you know they'll take over Haiti. Out of $1.9, $1.2 has been cancelled but... read more >
Richard M Joseph Iii, 2-Jul-09 5:15 pm
that is wonderful....does this mean that improvements will follow...will there be decrease in poverty... how will ares of interest benifit read more >
Jo, 2-Jul-09 5:49 pm
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