Haiti's Debt, $1.2 Billion, Cancelled

EXTRA, EXTRA, Read All About it... $1.2 billion of Haiti's debt was cancelled yesterday, June 30 2009, by three international organizations.

Haiti President Rene Preval

Haiti is now debt free!

Well... Not quite...

Nearly two-thirds of Haiti's huge debt has been cancelled [Sa Vle di nou pa dwe].

As of April, Haiti owned more than $1.9 billion.

Go ahead... Jump for joy!!!

That's good news for Haiti Cherie!

Millions of dollars, each year, has been freed for the Haitian Government to use to improve Haiti.

Can you imagine what the interest is on $1.2 Billion?

I don't want to know and I am sure President Preval doesn't want to know neither.

We don't have to pay it anymore!!!


Like the ZIN song says:

Le a rive...
Pou sa change...
Closh la sonnen...
nou pa sa rete gade...

Like the Christian song says:

Mwen pa gen lajan pou-m peye...
Mwen pa gen lajan pou-m peye...
Mwen pa gen lajan pou-m peye...
Det mwen yo peye deja...

Kiyes ki peye-l?
Jezi peye-l...

If you are a concerned Haitian citizen like me I am sure you are happy to hear this great news.

Out of the $1.9 Billion of Haiti's debt, 1.2 Billion has been has been canceled

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said their boards decided this week to forgive Haiti's obligations to the two organizations

What do you have to say about that?

Post your comments.

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Joanne Buell says...

Hello Eddie,

This is Joanne Buell from Esperanza.

Please contact me when you get this. I need to speak to you. Hoping this note finds you well.



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Jennifer says...

I just hope that we take this amazing gift, which is debt-forgiveness, and do something productive.

Haiti needs a serious shake-up and shape-up of ther finances.

I pray that the decisions moving forward will be for the advancement of our country, versus its

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Ti Chouchou says...

les 1.2 Billion madame Pierre louis n'a rien a dire, c'est pour

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Abdias Noel says...

Je suis ABdias noel, je suis absoluement content pour la dette
qu`est presque annulé, si j`avais de l`agent je dois paye le reste .c`etait citoyen haitien (un ptit

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Eddie Pierre says...

in the name of Haiti, million thanks to world bank. Ex president Aristide and his gorvernment include the senate burried Haiti for their own interets.now, God want to revive this country again.

to be at the level of countries I wish the internal distroys all the people served in Aristide gorvernment, include all politic leaders and restart the country with a new generation; if not, Haiti will be durty again.

I wish united nation creates peace in haiti, stop violence and kidnapping;prepare a new generation to lead the country after them.don't trust any haitian now, they're all spoil by the left. their mind are so corrupted, we don't know witch one we can trust.one's again:thank you world

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Ti Chouchou says...

hi brother you know what, the money is for electicity the number one priority
we need that badly.lets say together 1 2 3 is the plan for the big country god bless

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Julian says...

Let's get the rest cancelled! I'm sure it's possible! Let's hope we can focus on safe drinking water, education, and healthy food for Haiti's people, and let's hope we don't need to deal with foreign debt

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Michelet says...

przidan an pa kontan

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Donatien Or Lus says...

Le gouvernement doit profiter de ce don pour qu'il soit investir cette somme là dans l'agriculture et l'infrastructure de base pour faciliter le développement du

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Dupont. M says...

Il faut que le gouvernement de madame Pierre-LOUIS fasse une déclaration à la nation à l'assemblée nationale sur la position réelle du compte de l'état après cette annulement d'une partie de la dette.

Et de dire quelles sont les marges de manoeuvre que son gouvernement a pour doter le pays d'un vrai budjet que requiert son

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