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Hi, Mr Saint Preux, i completely agreed with everything you said, but the reason why the haitien movie industry doesn't work as a whole it just because they will sabotage one and other, don't forget Mr Saint Preux most haitien are very jealous of one and other, the best way to stay out of trouble is best not to deal with them, It's really sad to say that about our own people but most of them are out for themselves, let say for example you have 2 pennies and one of your friends has one pennny, you'll be in big trouble this friend will not like you for that. The reason why i'm saying that is because i opened my own business a few mths ago and i lose most of my friends because of that. But if i call any one of my friends and say business is going bad then they'll talk to me them. So Mr Saint Preux i don't blame the haitien movie industry for not working together, what they are doing is just staying away from trouble.


Nancy, February 12 2006, 1:45 AM

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my compatriote, you hit the nail right on the head.you could not have put it better.I hope your wishes for 2006 come true. read more >
Patrick, 30-Dec-05 5:38 pm
I had posted a message as such a few weeks ago. Without togetherness, we are doomed. My message was that hwen I was young high school student, we... read more >
Garry Destin, 30-Dec-05 7:37 pm
Dear Woody! I want to thank you for your letter and the time you took to think about the problems in Haiti, your love to Haiti and your work. My... read more >
Patricia L. Mellin, 31-Dec-05 3:54 am
Woodring, Thank you for taking your precious time to communicate your personal views with us as a brother, a Haitian and you have done so with very... read more >
Joseph Gourgue, 1-Jan-06 2:26 am
je me nomme stephane theodate je suis une haitienne et ensuite une eleve de lycee national de petion ville la raison pour la quelle je vous ecris... read more >
Stephane, 16-Jan-06 2:46 pm
hola stephane,je vis en Rep. Dominicaine que veux-tu savoir exatement? read more >
Lubin, 23-Jan-06 5:23 pm
Hi, Mr Saint Preux, i completely agreed with everything you said, but the reason why the haitien movie industry doesn't work as a whole it just... read more >
Nancy, 12-Feb-06 1:45 am
Hello Moi je suis Djhakie je vie au Etats Unis d'Amerique, je veux savoir plus sur ce nouveau site. Bye ecris moi. read more >
Daphney Abraham, 11-Mar-06 5:53 pm
Je m'appele Rose.Je vie aux Etats Unis D'amerique.et,I a ete soutenu en Haiti.J'aime Haiti. read more >
Rose, 30-Mar-06 2:58 pm
Hello Je ne parle pas tres bien la langue francaise, mais je vais Esaigner, je suis Americane, mon nom est Naomi.Je suis une Theodate aussi.Je ne... read more >
Naomi, 4-Oct-06 10:41 pm
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